Sunday, November 20, 2011

If your job was to interview bands/artists, name one that you would want to interview and something you would definitely want to know about them.


I would want to interview Steve Jobs (I consider him an artist by the way).  I want to know where he gets his inspiration when designing his products. And what his prediction/vision is in technology five years from now. –Champ Lui Pio

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Aside from music what do you wanna do? Haha. –Jason Fernandez

Eraserheads. Anong favorite Eheads song ng bawat miyembro. –Mark Escueta

To any other musician, artist or band etc. I always ask who their influences are. Diego Mapa

The original line up of Guns N' Roses. What really happened between Axl and Slash?! –Marc Abaya

Tune in to Jam 88.3 every Sunday at 7pm we interview bands on Jam Sessions with Jugs and Kel.  I’d like to do an interview with Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.  –Kelvin Yu

I want to interview Sting/Radiohead. –Pat Tirano

I’d like to interview Slipknot and ask them if they were to interview me, what would they ask me… and why? No, but seriously, I would ask the Dixie Chicks – was it worth it? –Jaq Dionisio

I would interview Sponge Cola and ask "love mo ko?" Awww, sabay group hug. –Yael Yuzon

Dream interview? That's really tough! For right now it would have to be The Script. Their lyrics are amazing! What I would ask them is how do they come up with their word play?! They’re so original but as a listener you can immediately connect. Pretty hard to do.  –Mike Chan

The Dave Matthews Band would be an interesting group to interview. Then I'm gonna ask what Carter Beauford eats for breakfast...then maybe eat some myself. –Chino David

General Luna. Mahilig ba sila sa Chinese bassist? Haha. –Jerrick Sy

Definitely EHEADS! Pero dapat kumpleto sila for the interview. I wanna ask about how they wrote their songs and the experiences behind every album they recorded and their life on tour while being the biggest band in the Philippines. How they feel about being the most influential band in the country and the story that lead to the break up. As a HUGE fan of the band, I can't help but be tsismoso! Haha! Sana nga gawan sila ng movie bio! Eheads, Dolphy at Juan dela Cruz! Haha! –Gabby Alipe

If my job is to interview bands, I would like to say that I would like to interview the Eraserheads and what is their secret to composing good music. And if they reunite for a new album, can they consider me as the 5th member. If not, why not? –Luke Jickain

I'd want to interview The Red Hot Chilli Peppers (they seem like a ball of fun). I'd ask them who's idea the "sock" photo shoot was and if it was any fun for them. –Nicole Asensio

Linkin Park. "How do you keep your music very positive?" Kean Cipriano

The band called "GWAR" definitely. If you know this band you'd know why. –Chris Padilla

I think as of now, it would be Lifehouse. I really want to know the theory behind their songs, like what really is inside Jason's head while writing his songs, how they create music as a band and how do they manage to always make a simple song rock so hard! –Jay Perillo

I guess that would be The Doors. Wala, ayain ko lang sila makipag-inuman. –Karl Vito Cruz

Coldplay. How long it took and what did they have to go through before getting their big break.  –Miguel Escueta

Oasis. I wanna know just how much Liam and Noel hate each other. –Rocky Collado

I'd want to interview U2 and ask them how their journey as a band was throughout the years. After all they were all friends growing up. –Kelley Mangahas

I would like to interview The Itchyworms. I would like to know how they write their songs, what is their creative process. And how they come up with great ideas.  Enzo Miguel Villegas

Dahil sa Jam Sessions w/ Jugs & Kel, na-interview na namin lahat ng mga ini-idolo namin na banda. Ang wish list ko siguro for this year: Rico Blanco, Danny Javier, and ‘yung buong Eraserheads. –Jugs Jugueta

I would love to have a chat with Till Lindemann of Rammstein and ask him if he can speak English. Hehe. Serioulsy, I'd ask Brian Wilson what's on his mind when he did the Pet Sounds album. –Angelo Del Pilar

Beach Boys, and I want to ask Brian Wilson why he's so great at what he does and what’s his secret. Haha. –Harlon Pasion Agsaoay

I'd like to interview Hayley Williams of Paramore, especially now considering they just lost two original members. –Monty Macalino

Gary Valenciano. When and how did you know the stage is where you belong? –Chelo Aestrid

Sigurado, ERASERHEADS! Walang duda about it. Actually, ‘di ko pa naiisip kung ano gusto kong itanong sa kanila. 'Yung idea pa lang kasi na may chance na makausap ko sila as a group, probably I would be “speechless” kapag kaharap ko na silang lahat. Haha! They're my heroes. Mga idolo. Especially Ely Buendia. –Nani Naguit

This is tough! There are a lot! Pero siguro on top of my head right now is Incubus. I'll ask them, will there be a time that you guys would create another album full of sci-fi, intergalactic, ambient rock/metal-ish music just like your S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Make Yourself era albums? (Which I consider the best album in my book!) Yeah I know I’d just get a NO answer from them but I'd just want to see their reactions! That would be priceless!  –Jam Bumanlag

I’d love to interview one of the most amazing jazz bands of all time, "Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers" and ask what they eat for breakfast, how they choose song titles, and Art's life story from start to finish! –Nyko Maca

Radio Active Sago Project. How they keep their music tight. –Kat Agarrado

I’d interview the members of Dream Theater, and ask them individually about their thoughts on Mike Portnoy leaving, which was a big shock to everyone. –Shaun Hilario

I would go for Splender. "How do you come out with such great songs?" –Gec Pobre

I would like to interview Heart, Paramore, Stevie Nicks and Norah Jones. Itatanong ko kung ‘di sila naging successful sa music industry, ano kaya ‘yung career nila ngayon. –Catherine Go

Hayley Williams of Paramore. I’ll ask her if she wants to marry a Filipino guy and move in here in the Philippines if there’s a chance. –Dex Yu

I'd interview The Jerks. I think they're the Rolling Stones of the Philippines and it would be cool to ask them what they think of the music scene today. –Jett Pangan

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