Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marc Abaya, Uncensored

The musician turned actor recently teamed up with Regine Velasquez, Lovi Poe, Glaiza De Castro and Marian Rivera. And as Kjwan’s frontman, Marc Abaya continues to evolve making good music as well as rocking it hard, proving only how versatile and capable this guy can be.

Right here, right now… what is the best moment of your career?
Kjwan winning the 2007 Ikon music competition in Malaysia. Winning best supporting actor at the 2010 Cinema One Originals for Dagim.

Where do you draw the line (and how do you motivate or separate yourself) being both an actor and a musician? How comfortable are you associating both?
Both acting and being a musician is all about interpretation and expression. An actor works with a script. A musician works with instruments. I love doing both.

Will it be difficult for you if I ask you to choose only one? You seem enjoying the new challenge, experience though… J OK! Rate yourself (from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest on how do you think you ‘do’ as an actor and a musician).
As an actor and as a musician, I would give myself a 5. There is still so much to learn and improve on.

What does music allow you to express that acting doesn't (and vice-versa)?
Music allows me to define the undefinable.

How did it feel winning an acting award (was it your ‘first’)? Do you still remember what your ‘thank you / acceptance speech’ was like? And how did your mom and dad react after?
I was very nervous. I was in shock. I couldn't feel my hands. The first thing I said on the mic was "Sh*t!" I remember thanking direk Joaquin Valdes and the cast and crew of Dagim. I also thanked my girl friend for being "my rock." But bringing the award home to my parents and hanging out with them after was the best part of the experience.

Are you ready to win some more (acting awards)?
I know I have to improve a whole lot more.

Did it bring (or add) more pressure on yourself to do better and be more ‘meticulous’ this time when it comes to choosing roles? How so? 
Of course. Regardless of awards, you're only as good as your last project. I'm a bit braver when it comes to trying out different kinds of roles. I like pushing myself, especially when I'm scared.

Just curious. What's your all-time favorite movie?
Stand By Me.

If you had a movie made about your life, which ‘other actor’ would play you?
Yan Yuzon.

How’s like working with Regine Velasquez and the rest of I Heart You, Pare cast?
Lovely! Insane fun! Very magaan ‘yung set, the cast and crew always prank each other but still get the job done effectively... I've never had so much fun doing a soap.

Funny question. If someone asks you: ‘I Heart You, Pare’, how’d you react?
"I heart you too dude!" [Laughs]

[And] now that there’s a greater opportunity for you to star in a lead role (either in a full-length movie, or a TV show), what’s your dream role like (aside from playing ala “Darth Maul”)?
A ninja or some kind of monster... "Darth Maul" pa rin e. [Laughs]

What’s new with Kjwan (from the new line up to new recordings to your plan of shopping new labels or perhaps, to being ‘indie’ again)? 
We have Paolo Santiago on drums and Inky De Dios on keys and percs. We spent the week ends of January working on 4 demos for label shopping this month (we're real lucky Paolo is a sound engineer and has a recording studio at home). If no one is interested, we'll just do it ourselves again. After all, we have been doing it since 2004. And while this is all going on, the song writing continues.

Let’s talk about your forthcoming 4th album. In the recording process of this album, how does it expand from your self-titled album (Kjwan) to Two Step Marv to 13 Seconds to Love?
We've got new members! Kjwan's sound has ALWAYS been the product of the individuals in the band. So far, I am very proud of the new music we've been making.

At the moment, what song (or songs) do you best relate to or have a connection with?
We're All Gonna Die by Iggy Pop and Slash, Gotten by Adam Levine and Slash, Soldier Of Love by Sade.

What does the new album will sound like? It is a more progressive sound? Did any of the songs ever take on a life of their own and progress in a way where you guys felt you had no control?
We began doing the kind of songs we're good at... rock ‘n roll, alternative, a bit of pop rock... then came this 'spacy' song that we all felt so cosmic about called Strong For Us. It doesn't sound like anything we ever done before...I think it defines who we are as a band right now.

Other background (scoop) you can reveal about the ‘killers songs (singles to watch out for)’? [And] Can you shed light on when fans will get to hear it?
I wish I could share specific information but again, the business and creative aspects of the band are still going on. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @KjwanMusic for updates.

Just curious. Was there ever a time when the band thought about hanging it up and/or breaking up?Yup, early 2008. We were all burned out from our Asian tour. Boys will be boys. We just took two months off then hit it off again in the studio.”

Finally, looking back on all that has happened during the past couple of years, is there a stronger bond between you guys?
Of course. I've known and been with Kel and Boogie since grade school. Inky is from the same school and has always been around us. Pao is the baby brother-one man army-we always wished we had. Matira-Matibay!

Kjwan is Marc Abaya, Enrique De Dios, Kelley MangahasPaolo Santiago and Boogie Romero

In a text message, when asked what's keeping him busy, Marc Abaya shared,"I'm working on 'Daldalita' now, have a movie out 'Aswang', and Kjwan's new album will be released hopefully first half of 2012. Four songs done."

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