Monday, November 14, 2011

Word Play: Jamir Garcia


1. When I need a vacation, I go to my hometown in Virginia Beach, VA.
2. The last time I filled up my gas tank I spent P2500 mahal ng gas.
3. The first music video I saw as a kid was Beastie Boys.
4. The last movie I went to see was Due Date”.
5.  My favorite TV show growing up was “The Wonder Years”.
6. The first video game I played was Twin Bee.
7. I usually spend my weekends playing a gig.
8. I hate that people think I’m crazy… Am I?
9. The best rumor about myself was that I’m crazy.
10. I knew my band would be great because we're all hard working.
The best thing about being in Slapshock is free stuff.
I would love to start stage diving as a hobby.
13. My best quality is I'm a perfectionist.
14. My worst quality is impatient.
15. The last time I threw a punch to someone was three years ago.
16. People might be surprised to know that I wrote songs for Kyla and I produced a girl group named Zuri.
17. The last time I listened to some ballad songs yesterday.
18. My worst tour/gig story was playing in club with a bad sound system.
I like being heckled because it drives me to work or play harder.
The last time I gave someone a finger was when I got cut by a bus in EDSA.
21. The last time I told a lie was when I can’t remember.
22. The last time I had a really unusual fan request was when we played at the Muziklaban. 
23. The things that put me in bad mood are traffic and traffic pa rin.
24. The craziest crowd we’ve played with Rakrakan series.
25. The last time I played a competitive sport, every Monday. Slap basketball.
26. The last time I asked someone for their autograph (or picture) was with Deftones.
27. If I could trade places with any other person for a week, it would be Pacquiao so no one can mess with me.
28. The last person I wanted to kill main, or injure is that guy na walang ibang gustong kantahin kundi revival.
29. Before I die, I want to see how it feels to die.
30. Red HorseMuziklaban rocks because  Slapshock, Wilabaliw, Kjwan and Greyhoundz is there.
31. The last time I read BANDS Magazine right now I’m reading it.
The future of rock & roll is alive and kicking.

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